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Author Bio

Who I am

H.M. Shander was born and raised in Edmonton, AB.

Married to an amazing man, and the proud mother of two teenaged kids, her life is blessed beyond words. Thanks to the wild success of the romance anthology Romantically Ever After, she has achieved USA TODAY bestseller status.

Having enjoyed creative writing ever since she drafted her first novel at 14 on many sheets of looseleaf paper, tied together with ribbon - (no, it will never be published), she has enjoyed the way writing allows her to unwind, and create memorable characters.

With the success of the Cheshire Bay series (Return to Cheshire Bay won a 2021 Bronze Medal in a Readers Choice Award), she's expanding it to be a 9 book series.

First up is the October 1 release date for JOURNEY TO CHESHIRE BAY, and will bring back one of your favourites from the series. All proceeds for the first 30 days will be donated to the Mental Health Association. 

With the plotting of the series complete, there will be four more Cheshire Bay stories coming your way: 

Charmed in Cheshire Bay
Second Chance in Cheshire Bay 

Unforgiven in Cheshire Bay 

Flirty in Cheshire Bay 

All will be standalones, however each will have Easter Egg visits from other Cheshire Bay characters - AND - a surprise visit from a character from another book. She can't wait for you all to read these. She loves being back in Cheshire Bay, and hopes you will enjoy it too. 

Join her newsletter for the latest information on release dates, teasers and sneak peeks.

You can email her at [email protected]

Completely Random Facts 

  1. I am a Libra.
  2. I am also a librarian.
  3. I once attended Space Camp.
  4. My favourite color is Royal Blue.
  5. Run Away Charlotte is based off a dream.
  6. Loves "Once Upon a Time"
  7. Lives within a 20 minute drive from her parents, cousins, aunts & uncles. 




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