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Pink for Love, Red for Sex.

Sierra Jackson has received a coveted ticket to the event of the year - a masquerade dance where she has the choice between looking for love or a night of passion. It all comes down to the colour of jewelry she chooses to wear; pink or red.

As she weighs her options, she meets a guy with a red rose, a hot body and the promise of a night she'll never forget. However, one smooth dancer has also captured her interest with his graceful steps and silent nature, sporting the colour of love - pink.

Will she leave on the arm of lust, or wrapped up in the arms of love? 

This short novella is available free when you subscribe to my newsletter. 

Desire vs dreams. Head vs heart. A match like none other.

Goody-two-shoes Brooke Morris always plays by the rules, both on and off the ice. A team player through and through, her heart belongs to the game and the sport. There just isn’t time for all the messy crap that comes with romantic relationships.

Until sexy Gavin Lockheed joins her team.

The former gold-medal winner, now coach, is smart, dedicated and when he smiles, it’s hot enough to melt the ice they play on. His skill and determination to their team has propelled them to the top of the standings, an Olympic spot within grasp.

She desires more than just ice time with the coach.

However, illicit romances between player and coach are strictly forbidden. Break protocol? No second chances. They’ll be dismissed in a heartbeat, and her dreams will go up in smokes. Is love worth the risk? 

Once featured in the Game Changer anthology, this long novella is only available as a prize giveaway, so be sure to join the Facebook Group - Shander's Stargazing Romantics and watch for the fun. 

She came for an evening of lustful passion, but she may have unmasked something better.

Nicolette is a French actress living and working in New York. Hesitantly, she accepts a ticket to the most exclusive charity event of the year, one with the added bonus of a potential matchmaking. Wear red if you want a night of passion, or pink in hopes of finding true love.

After a run in with a less than desirable man sporting red, she meets River, a Hollywood actor with a pink feather on top of his mask. Problem is, Nicolette opted to wear red, and she hadn’t expected to meet her movie star crush.

Despite their differences, their chemistry is red hot—even though River decided to wear pink. As the night comes to a close, what color will they choose? 

One night of pure bliss or the possibility of their happily ever after. Red or pink?

This novella was featured in the Lovers' Masquerade anthology and is now used as an exclusive prize. Join Shander's Stargazing Romantics facebook group and watch for upcoming giveaways.