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H.M. Shander

From H.M. Shander, a USA Today bestselling author, comes a sweet with heat and heart-warming boxed set about finding love—and family—where you least expect it in the small town of Cheshire Bay

Welcome to Cheshire Bay, a small-town community on the western edge of Vancouver Island. You'll come for the views of the Pacific Ocean, but you'll stay for the hospitality.

The series contains four amazing stories featuring strong heroines and the sexy heroes who unwittingly steal their hearts.

In the 2021 Reader's Choice Bronze Medal winner (romance) Return to Cheshire Bay, you'll fall in love with the former bad girl as Lily temporarily leaves her city life to find peace and contentment. When she settles into her family's beach side summer home, a chance encounter with a sexy pilot next door changes her plans.

In Adrift in Cheshire Bay, you'll root for Cedar as she struggles to come to terms with the recent upheavals in her life - including a surprise pregnancy - as her long-term relationship is tested when she finds out Mitch is already a father, but neither of them knew.

In Awake in Cheshire Bay, you'll swoon with Amber, the local bartender, over the newly stranded guest in town. The night they share changes her, and now she’s terrified of what happens when the sun rises and it’s time for him to leave.

Mona joins the gang in the final installment, Christmas in Cheshire Bay, as she begrudgingly returns to her summer home for her sister Lily's Christmas wedding and finally finds the magic of Christmas again.

Preorder Welcome to Cheshire Bay today - it arrives on your eReader April 4th.
Which story are you excited to read first?


A boxed set featuring three full-length romantic novels. From the beaches of Mexico, to a kindergarten classroom, to a Vegas wedding chapel. Three strong heroines, three charming heroes, three heartwarming and emotional reads.

Features three previously released full-length novels in one perfect boxed set:

It All Began with a Note

One mistaken note brought them together. Their geography will tear them apart. Keeping things strictly physical will prove a challenge…

It All Began with a Mai Tai

One magical trip inspires her to change her life. When she gets home, making a change is much harder than she bargains for...

It All Began with a Wedding

Weddings in Vegas aren’t real, are they?

Three strong heroines, three utterly charming heroes, and three heartwarming tales to make you believe in the power of love. With star-crossed lovers, a work place romance and a wedding that should never have happened, add this set to your must reads today.

Preorder for a February 7th takeoff. Available wherever you buy books. 


COMING SEPTEMBER 6th - exclusive to the KISS & TELL Anthology: 

a forced proximity, enemies to lovers romance, with a nerdy guy and a bad girl. 

Take a sneak peek of the first chapter. 

Iris is ready to clean up her life and start over. For real this time. No more drinking, homelessness, or failed suicide attempts. Her only viable solution is to leave her so-called friends behind and fly across the country to a place where her past can't follow her - Cheshire Bay. As she boards her only means of escape, she's gobsmacked to see her seatmate is the nerdy kid she tormented back in high school. 


Holden has put his past behind him, including those awful years in high school where he was picked on because he was smarter and younger than his peers. Grown up and filled out, he's ready to start his dream - a bright future he's had planned out for years which finally starts in forty-eight hours. However, he has to get there first. That, unfortunately, includes a six-hour flight beside the girl who made his high school life a nightmare.

When the plane makes an emergency landing halfway to their destination, Holden asks Iris for help in taking a new journey. If they put their book smart and street smart heads together, they'll make it home. Trying to redeem her wicked past, Iris begrudgingly agrees.

Low on cash, and even shorter on time, they set out knowing one way or another the journey will be epic adventure and one for the books.

This is a NA contemporary romance.

PREORDER Kiss & Tell today for 99c